Welcome to the Radical Living Project!

Glad you’re here! 👋

The Radical Living Project is an experiment I started in 2017 to understand:

  • how do the beliefs we live our life by affect our interpretation of reality?

  • is it possible to reverse engineer positive experiences into our lives?

  • can we do this all through small tiny tweaks in our behavior?

Four years into the experiment, I can tell you the answers to all are yes!

We can create our own rose-colored glasses while also operating as a “functioning human” in our strange concept-ridden reality.

This is very good news!


What’s this site all about?

This site is a hub for me to share ideas, writings, meditation courses, and anything else that has been supportive in my personal journey in cultivating a happy inner world.

People tell me they benefit from my writing & teaching, so this is also an ongoing experiment in setting my shyness aside in hope of serving others.

Everything is freely offered, as a gift.


How do I practice Radical Living?

This is the framework that’s worked for me:

  1. Set up tiny behavior and mindset change experiments (like this one)

  2. Meditate with “gentle persevering effort”

  3. Clarify learnings through writing and sketching

  4. Be generous! Gift more, share more, spread kindness


Getting started

If you’re interested in starting your own Radical Living practices, or just following along in my journey, then check out the resources on this website.

You may also like to subscribe to the newsletter because that’s the easiest place for me to post stuff.

- wishing you much love, maria 🙋🏻‍♀️

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(if you’re wondering why the word “radical” it’s because it comes from the Latin word “radix” meaning “going to the origin, the essential” which felt apt for a project that’s trying to understand reality…also I was born in the 80s)

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