Our minds are a rushing river of thoughts…yikes!

The good news is we can learn to observe the river.

Meditation practice helps us learn how to get out of the river, sit on the bank, and watch the thoughts flow by. This simple act of observing the thinking mind can transform our inner world.

Why meditate?

If you’ve ever sat down to meditate, then you’ve likely realized that the mind produces a lot of thoughts! And like a flowing river, those thoughts continue whether we’d like them to or not.

How meditation helps

Meditation practice helps us learn how to get out of the river, sit on the bank, and watch the thoughts flow by. This simple act of observing the thinking mind helps us to get a new perspective on our thoughts.

What’s the big deal?

From this observing vantage point our thoughts lose some of their steam. And over time we start to find a bit more space between our thoughts and our reactions.

These little spaces allow us to respond with more clarity, in ways that are more in line with our values.

It truly is magic! 💫

Koru Meditation Courses

  • 4 sessions

  • 75 minutes each

  • Class size limited to 7 people

This course is freely offered.

Note: The next Koru class will likely be this summer. You can add your name to the waitlist below, and I encourage you to sign up for the newsletter, too, where I will announce it. Be well!

Wedding Ceremony Meditation

Soundcloud recording


We added a 2 minute meditation to our wedding. Here is a transcription and recording so you can do the same.

My meditation journey

I started meditating back in 2013 during a real low point in my life. Oddly nothing was “that wrong” — all the stuff on paper was sorted out, but internally I just felt miserable and stuck. In particular I wanted OUT of my job, but due to circumstances I needed to stay.

I remember thinking: There has to be a way to feel more zen even if I can’t change my external circumstances…otherwise I’m always going to be spending a ton of energy trying to make my external circumstances “perfect”

That led me to download the Headspace app.

And…it worked! Not overnight, but I started to notice meaningful changes in my life. I stopped feeling impatient on subway platforms. I started dropping fights (and felt better!) I found the courage to thoughtfully leave my job.

I used Headspace for 3 years until I ran through their entire content library. I thought…do I just do this on my own now?

A different way of being

And so I started a personal, un-guided practice. Some bumps along the way until I serendipitously spent several months with the founders of Koru Mindfulness who *just-by-their-way-of-being* pointed to a deeper way of practice —where our meditation practice becomes our lives.

That was 2017, and the same year I started the Radical Living Project. And that project led me to teaching my first Koru Mindfulness class and to attending my first 10 day silent retreat.

From that retreat onward, I was really sold. I saw how everything is in our mind…and how exciting that is! Because our minds can be cultivated to be happier and more peaceful, and all we have to do is take tiny tiny steps in paying attention.

Since then, I’ve meditated a lot, including multiple week-long retreats and a 27 day solo self-led retreat in my house during January 2021. The good news is you don’t have to meditate that much to have a meaningful impact, and the time doesn’t really matter. I just am hooked :)

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